Terms and Conditions

It is not permitted

– the exchange, passing on, giving away or even selling as well as also the copying and

change this file, or even individual files. Under change, falls also the

Enlarge and reduce the file.  Here please always a request with us!

Such changes are usually free of charge and are part of our customer service.

– To take parts of files and to sell them as own designs or to incorporate them into own

to incorporate them into your own designs, as well as to pass them on as your own design.

– to create, pass on or publish another digital product (plot file etc.) from this design/file.

to create or publish another digital product (plot file, etc.) from this design/file.

– to disassemble the design into individual parts or to remove elements (this requires a special release by the creator).


The offence will be prosecuted!

The designs/files are subject to the copyright of TALILU’S STOFFLÄDCHEN.


It is allowed:

– The designs may be used after purchase in the private sector without quantity limits.

– In the context of the small trade embroidered things may be sold gladly without quantity limitation.

Mass production is prohibited!

– of course it is always allowed to combine the files with other files.

– The colors of the design are freely chosen and may be designed according to your own wishes.

– For online sales and public showing and selling, the creator TALILU’S STOFFLÄDCHEN must be named!



Our embroidery files are stitched on cotton fabrics or felt for trial. I expressly recommend

to make a test on “old fabrics” before embroidering on good fabrics. Especially with

Terry, wool fabrics and stretchy fabrics. Always use the appropriate stabilizer.

For each embroidery file you will receive a document with all sequence, color, size, change, and

stitch information.  Make sure that my email address does not end up in your spam or junk email folder.

If a file or a document should be missing, then simply briefly mail and we deliver you immediately

immediately. Remember, even we can make a mistake. But we are always anxious to solve all

to solve all ambiguities to mutual satisfaction.



Damaged, own textiles will not be refunded, if damaged by shipping or by embroidery!
Colors of photos may vary slightly.
Care advice: for embroidered textiles, wash according to sewn-in label with mild detergent without optical brightener
in case of failure during washing or ironing, no liability!
Ironing: ALWAYS iron the embroidery with a laid cloth – WITHOUT steam!